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The Little Prince in the Czech Republic

The little prince decided to make his rose happy and so he decided to bring beautiful flowers to his flower, which he never drank. He set off with his friend the pilot.

During the flight, they had a lot of fun and storytelling together. In the meantime, they looked at which planet they would land on to find beautifully clear water. But what happened? One stone flying past them crashed into a propeller and it fell off the plane.

Fortunately, a beautiful blue planet appeared on the horizon. “There will be a lot of crystal water!” The little prince said, but the pilot was already aiming the plane directly at planet earth.

The landing went smoothly. Everyone remained fine, only the plane was without a propeller. The little prince looked at the pilot, who shrugged, and said, “There’s nothing we can do. We have to figure out how to get back into the air.” At that moment, the little prince understood that a great adventurous journey awaited them, on which he had to find beautifully clear water for his rose and an alternative way of flying.

The fox is slowly but surely approaching them …

How will this story turn out?
Play a game at our campsite and solve all the tasks that happen to the little prince on the way.

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